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Advanced Rolf Method of Structural Integration

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I cannot explain my path into manual therapy bodywork, but I can say that it feels right for me. To work with soft tissue, layer-by-layer, seeing and feeling the changes happening are as rewarding for me as it is for my clients.

What We Do?

We are a sum of all our parts. Because we all have a body we can all relate to the human physical structure. Whether we are an athlete, a couch potato, or disabled, we can all find a higher level with this body work.

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Dr. Rolf set out on a path, which kept revealing a deeper level of advancement for humans. Whether helping find a way out of chronic pain or becoming aware of your breath I am here to continue on that path to a higher potential.

Jake’s Bio

I finished the Brian Utting School of Massage in 1998 and moved back to Spokane to join my now wife while she finished law school at Gonzaga. We had the good fortune of renting a 500 sq. ft house from her mother, which gave me the opportunity to commit to my bodywork studies. It wasn’t until February of 1999 that I joined a very talented group of healthcare professionals at Allied Healthcare, now Applied Healthcare on 14th and Grand. I shared a room with Heidi Boehl and Dr. Keith Morehouse for the 8 years that I was there. In January of 2007, Mary Iverson and Shelley Brady approached me with an offer to buy a commercial condo and before I knew it we were partners and had a condo being built for us, which is now 2nd Ave Healing Arts. I have seen a few changes since we opened in Aug of 07, but over all it seems to be going very well for all of us.

Moving into the Rolf Method of SI from therapeutic massage provided a space for me to help reveal the human potential in my clients. I studied at GSI with Emmett Hutchins and Jeff Linn in 2005 for my auditing class and 5 months later practiced with Neil Powers and Liz Stewart. In 2008, I went back to Kauai for my advanced certification in the Rolf Method. I was again studying with Emmett joined by Tom Wing and Isaac Osborne. The Rolf work has opened my eyes to what hands can do with a human being. Since then I have attended a few weekend workshops designed to enhance the Rolf method work.


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