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New Clients Start Here

Thank you for the interest in my work. Whether you are coming in for improving your posture, cleaning up an injury or exploring your potential, I am confident about my ability to offer a better daily experience for you. Make sure that you fill out the intake form below and schedule 3 sessions that work for you. I recommend sessions 1 to 3 weeks apart. Wear underwear or shorts that you will feel safe and comfortable in and please make sure I can access your thighs. For women, a bra or jog bra works well.

I do not use a top sheet like a massage therapist. The first session is what I would consider a consultation. I like to get working right away, so please inform me of any concerns before you come in. I am located at 430 W. 2nd ave #101. Look for 2nd avenue Healing Arts on the North east corner of 2nd avenue and Stevens, across the street from Allied Security. Parking is $2 in the Diamond lot or use a meter. Your session will run 60 minutes +/- 3 min.